1-1/4" 6 LED AMBER  1-318" MT

1-1/4" 6 LED AMBER 1-318" MT


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Maxxima introduces the new M09400 series of 1 1/4" P2PC combination mini-clearance and auxiliary lights. Each light comes with attached grommet for quick mounting. 6 LEDs provide superior light output meeting PC requirements. Available in seven models. Red, Red Clear Lens, Amber, Amber Clear Lens, Blue, Green, and White.

Red LED Clearance Marker Light
Clear Lens model M09400RCL
Low LED Amp Draw
Space Saving Design
Grommet Included
Completely Resin Sealed - One Piece Design
Optional Stainless Steel Grommet Cover
5 Year Warranty

1 1/4" Diameter
Max Amp Draw - 80 ma
12.8 VDC Voltage Draw
2 Male .180 Bullet Connectors
Grommet Included
Polycarbonate Lens